I am a doctor. Please show me what symptoms you have and where.
Please show me for how long you have had this symptom.
Please describe more about your symptoms/pain.
Please show me any other symptoms/pain you have.
If you have similar symptoms in the past, please show me when and how often.
Did you have any medical examinations/test done regarding this problem?
If you know the examinations/tests you have taken, please tell me what they are.
If you have treatment for this sympton before this visit, please tell me what they are.
Did your treatment help?
Are you taking any medicine now?
Does the medicine help?
Show me all the medicine you are taking.
I need to measure your blood pressure.
I will examine your (body part).
Please open your mouth and say Aah.
Please take a deep breath and hold it.
Please cough.
Please show me the medicine you are allergic to.